project update

Full project team meet

Today was the day. Today we got sit down as a team and hash out the target concept of our project. Dan (St. John’s, enthusiasm), Matt (Digital Magician), Louis (Digital Magician), Guy (OptiMusic), Charlotte (St. John’s, drama) and Gabrielle (St. John’s, music) all sat together and started to define our scope, our vision and what we want to create. Today also acted as a technical handover day from Guy to the chaps from Spectral Spaces.

What we wanted to achieve was the why, the what and to start to think about the how.

Our intention for this project above all is to make it useful for our learners. Make it for them, by them and to fulfil a need. We want to develop our final performance based on what we are doing in the classroom. To help reinforce concepts not only around creativity but also social interaction, around communication and around working together.

Today I think we achieved this, we have a solid plan going forward. We have identified the parts of the poem we will focus on and have devised a preliminary structure to the performance. Gabrielle and Charlotte have some great ideas around the set pieces of theatre and music and how we can show off the existing talents of our young people.

Matt and Louis are well into prototyping both theoretically and virtually(!). Is this the first immersive performance that may be realised in VR before being a physical entity?

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates from the team.



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