project update, prototype testing

Project team meet no. 2

As days go, Wednesday the 8th of February will be up there as one of the greats. Why? Well let me tell you.

Wednesday afternoon Matt and Louis and met with Gabrielle, Charllotte and myself. They intended to test two core technical elements. The very things that will be the foundation of everything we do from here on in. First, outputting the immersive world to three screens from Unity. Second being able to take midi messages from the triggered beams and create a sound or interaction on the screens.

After some minor tinkering the guys were very pleased. Despite being very much in the prototype stage, it already shows just how immersive it is going to be.

Have a look at these videos and see for yourself why were so excited.

Lastly we set out our plans for future workshops and what is needed in terms of audio & visual assets and creative input from our learners.

Things to look forward to; seascapes, clouds, lighting bolts and Jumblies from the art department. Sounds of the sea, docks, storms and a moony song from the music department, original set pieces, narrating of the poem and devising ways to convey busy market places or being at sea through movement from the theatre team.

On top of all this we are looking at how some of our young people will get involved with the testing and development of prototypes from a technical point of view as they are created.

Next time Matt and Louis are in will be to work with Gabrielle on a sound design workshop day.

Exciting times indeed. Be sure to let us know whet you think, and if you like what you read please share our blog and join the conversation on Twitter @jumbliesproject



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