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Sound design workshop No. 1

As part of the project our students will be creating many if not all of the sound and image assets that will be used in the final product. As such we will be holding a series of workshops to compliment the sessions already happening within the college. The desired outcomes being that we have a cohesive set of media for each scene and are able to introduce our students to techniques, technologies and prototype interactions as they are built.

Sounds of The Jumblies

The fist of these was our Sound Design Workshop, held on the 6th March at St. John’s College. Gabrielle the music lecturer and Matt of Spectral Spaces hosted a series of sessions and one drop in session. Each slot had a theme and all were thoroughly engaging and yielded some excellent audio.

On our hit list for the day were the following audio elements:

  • Stormy weather
  • Seas
  • Moony song
  • Coppery Gong

As you can see from the videos and images we had a great day, the students loved recording sound effects and the Moony Song is just a wonderful piece of original music. We can’t wait to share it all with you over the coming months as we start to see the sounds integrated with the core systems and visual assets being made in art and animation workshops.


As an added bonus Louis and Matt had an updated version of the core systems on which they will build the Jumblies world. Check out this video for a peek, we were grinning like Cheshire Cats. (Bonus points if you can hear the Coppery Gong, recorded earlier in the day.)

What’s next?

Coming soon, as mentioned we will be hosting more sound design workshops, some animation workshops as well as prototype testing as the scenes get built. Plus there will be an opportunity to see some of this in virtual reality and Jisc’s upcoming even for all things technology in education, Digifest. Check our Twitter updates for more info.



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