The Moony Song screenshot
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It’s been a while, so here is a special treat.

Where have you been?

Missed us? Well, we’ve missed you. While we’ve been on our little hiatus, the team have been busy behind he scenes scheming and planning. Not to mention creating Brighton Fringe shows, making TV magic, teaching, career changes and generally being awesome.

Coming soon though, we have some workshops for imagery and animation courtesy of Beth and Kate, two of the many fantastically talented staff at St. John’s. Our next blog post will give some insight to the work being done for these. Then once the Brighton Fringe shows are done and dusted, Charlotte will be getting to grips with some of the more physical aspects of The Jumblies, and bringing theatre to the, er…. theatre.

The Moony Song

We have something very special for you right now though. To say the audio workshop was a success is an understatement, refresh your memory here: Sound design workshop No. 1.

One of the outcomes that day was work towards the Moony Song. We’re so delighted that we can share the progress on this with you, I think it sounds wonderful and the team have done a superb job. From Gabrielle’s superb creativity and fantastic facilitation over the workshop, the students exceptional engagement and right through to the technical wizardry of Matt. It is really is a treat for the ears, I can’t wait to see how it fits into the final piece.

So here it is, a sample of The Moony Song, with a bit of insight from Matt. Enjoy.

As ever if you wish to connect with the project you can join us on Twitter @jumbliesproject on Facebook or Instagram just search The Jumblies Project. We’d love your feedback. Until next time.


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