Seats Please

Taking a cue from theaters across the land, our unplanned but necessary interval in the project is now over. It's not the first time we've apologised for the radio silence, it may not be the last, but we do want to let you know where we are at and what's coming up soon. When you… Continue reading Seats Please

The Moony Song screenshot
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It’s been a while, so here is a special treat.

Missed us? Well, we've missed you. While we've been on our little hiatus, the team have been busy behind he scenes scheming and planning. Not to mention creating Brighton Fringe shows, making TV magic, teaching, career changes and generally being awesome.


They went to sea in a sieve they did.

This is the year that we get to show the world what currently exists in our heads. To say that we are collectively excited about this project is an understatement. As we near the project start, I figured it would be nice to explore the poem. We won't be covering it all. We are focusing… Continue reading They went to sea in a sieve they did.